THE BRIDE 2017 Movie Trailer HD – Horror Movie with English Subtitles

THE BRIDE 2017 Movie Trailer HD – Horror Movie with English Subtitles

Watch THE BRIDE 2017 Movie Trailer in HD – Horror Movie with English Subtitles.

Release Date: 19th January 2017.

Podgayevskiy is back now with The Bride (Невеста) and once again he appears to be delivering horror of the highest standard.

Stars: Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Aleksandra Rebenok, Igor Khripunov.

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50 Responses to THE BRIDE 2017 Movie Trailer HD – Horror Movie with English Subtitles

  1. Fauzan Ishak says:

    i want to stalk her but i cant fucking type her name

  2. tashoi Henry says:

    whats the name of the show?????????????????????????????????????

  3. MYGamer95 says:

    is this recommended to be watched?

  4. raviteja296 says:

    excellent idea @3:47 to 51 and also it is not that much scary trailer

  5. gAbbYrOckzz says:

    please have better translations next time.

  6. Julianna Q says:

    Это называется – и русские туда же…

  7. Ezzatie Idris says:

    trailer je gempak…citer macam hare..x best langsung -0/100

  8. Orlando Enrique says:

    Does anyone pause the video then scroll and see all comment?

  9. Velius Canis says:

    Did they use google translate in translating this movie? ffs..

  10. BOO says:

    i thought it was britney spears in the thumbnail

  11. Putera Islam says:

    its bad movie guys , i expect more when i watch this but its really bad movie . kinda disappointed .

  12. Daniel Lim says:

    oh look another garbage jump scare CGI graphics infested movie.

  13. Deandy Kanzet says:

    all I want to know is the music

  14. NISHA purweni says:


  15. Bren Nicolas says:

    I Thought It was a English movie 😟😟

  16. shawnte Pitts says:

    That’s right girls

  17. Lena Bajrami says:

    What the hell did I just watched ??? And holy shit that was the scariest music I have ever listened to … crap

  18. Theytgeytehsbs Nd says:

    0:33 that’s my face every morning

  19. spuffy518722 says:

    Ughh, had to quit when it got to the crawling. That shit gets me every time. Haven’t explored foreign films, might give this a go

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  21. Lily Mhd says:

    Ive watched the movie and i feel stupid watching it. The trailer are much scarier than the movie on its own 😂

  22. Shaxuul says:

    lol, the second half of this "trailer" looks like an entirely different movie.

  23. Yakotolo. says:

    heebie jeebie. the thought alone of photographing with dead relatives is scary enough!!
    yet russians are badass.
    i wana watch this.

  24. Putera Islam says:

    its bad movie guys , i expect more when i watch this but its really bad movie . kinda disappointed .

  25. Khumanthem Helga says:

    "to the deceased the eyes were showing themselves him on the eyelids"
    can somebody please explain what this is supposed to mean

  26. jdcaprio2000 says:

    Hollywood Remake:-

    The Corpse Bride

    from the Director
    Conjuring and Conjuring 2

    James Wan

  27. Miu Ko says:

    the first bride looked like Britney Spears

  28. carrotjazz86 says:

    probably trailer better than movie

  29. Yasmin says:

    Does this movie have nude scene? If so i don’t want to watch it

  30. Putera Islam says:

    its good movie guys , i expect more when i watch this but its really bad movie bcuz they chge actor voice . . kinda disappointed . because here in malaysia they dnt use real voice . its weird boring watching movie with different voice (english) . i prepare real voice even russia language bcuz still got subtitle .

  31. Faiz Ismadi says:

    don’t watch this movie, bullshit horror movie ever, I warn you save your money for other movie

  32. Julianna Q says:

    Это называется – и русские туда же…

  33. Noel Borde says:

    release date in India?

  34. ilyana azman says:

    this is the realest ghost movie in 2027 istg

  35. Tanzin supti says:

    can I get it in English translation movie

  36. najib kamal says:

    the entire movie is a LIE
    i have watch the movie yesterday and it is very different from the trailer. One of the example is when the guy fixing up the bride head and the bride face change into a monster. This scene never happen. A long with other scene that only exist in this trailer. There are more than one scenes in the trailer have not been shown at all in the movie because the scene has only been made to attract the audience to pay the movie not knowing that it is a fucking lie.
    Even the movie itself is hard to watch.I almost think that the main character is mute as she did not speak anything until in the middle of the movie. Even when she does it is all screaming and nothingness.
    The monster is a piss of shit as the cult involving the movie felt like they need to find a better body for the so call monster bride or else they will be kill one by one. Even though the mom ( the guy sister) know far to well the location of the secret hide-out (after she been throw out of a fucking window) when she crawl to the floor and find the secret hide out of the monster weakness. If you know the weakness and the location of the weakness in the first place then why the fuck you need to do the fucking ritual ????
    There was also the part that involve the use of fire … yes FIRE in the house that made out of entirely by wood. But later in the movie nothing happened to the whole house as if the entire house is using a fucking fire prove material.
    The cliche level of the movie is off the chart. They have to resolve using laud and cheap music to make you scream (even tho there is no fucking monster) and the entire house is very ugly. Like seriously, is the entire family is so poor that the entire house can’t afford to buy an extra light bulb. ( because the entire movie will be shoot in total darkness)
    There are so many weakness that can be found inside the movie.. But nothing beats the fact that the movie LIE to the audience by making an attention gather trailer that is very different from the originate product.

  37. looneytuneeeeeeee123 says:

    the bride’s last wish. she’s wants the D ! she’s coming to you tonight!

  38. Guddo says:

    Where can i watch this full movie? Can someone pls tell me the sites link?

  39. It's Nani says:

    I don’t like trailers anymore they either show all of the movie or it shows how sucky the movie is going to be. 😬

  40. Designated Orpheus says:

    They forgot to rush B

  41. Kaemin Park says:

    The F! ’bout the eyelids creeps me the most!! (>~<)///

  42. Theresia Rebecca Christy says:

    This is going to be great

  43. bunnykissme says:

    i got lost in translation

  44. Ricky Mendoza says:

    nakaka takor

  45. 龙晓慧 says:

    what song

  46. Midorima Shintaro says:

    The plot of this movie is going nowhere.

  47. Nikka Adrienne says:

    What’s the title of the sooooong? 😥😥 I wanna knooooow

  48. zplitt says:

    the dead bride is so unbelievable ugly and scary..

  49. mrKpooper4 says:

    Those rough subtitles with incorrect punctuation are scarier.

  50. cutey cat 8014 says:

    I just screamed and fell down from the bed when the creepy dead bride scared the photographer I literally thought it was coming on me .. and my friends and elder brother burst in laughter