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The Shoes: Short Horror Film and Comments of Director

THE SHOES is a short horror film project by Kévin Mendiboure, a 30 years old french director from Paris. A story about demonic shoes.

He comments: “I am a great fan of Stephen King since i’m young. With “THE SHOES” i wanted to do a short horror with new idea, never seen in all other short films. In movies, you see the monster in full body but in “THE SHOES” you can see only those 2 shoes, and you can imagine all what you want “is there someone invisible ? Are that shoes independant ?”.

I imagine that short like a part of a feature film; origin of the shoes, and the reason they want to kill. In my mind, that shoes belong to a man killed who wants to revenge.

For major part of action sequences, i used green screen to edit additional FX. For example, the -666 floor didn’t have elevator, i shot an elevator at the 3nd floor of the apartment and i edited in VFX.

For the elevator sequence, i used after fx for the numbers and CINEMA 4D for the modeling/texturing of the elevator. The goal is to find a producer to shoot the feature film version, to explain more about that shoes.”