Horror Movie 2016 New Scary Hollywood Movies Full Length

Horror Movie 2016 New Scary Hollywood Movies Full Length

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47 Responses to Horror Movie 2016 New Scary Hollywood Movies Full Length

  1. RainFlower MoonGlow says:

    This was a good movie. I found it quite scary

  2. Michelle Jennifer King says:

    when your friend warns you not to watch so many horror films. and your like
    " im going to be fine " until the girls screams and you hide under your
    covers. and ask " what happened?!" xD

  3. tina martin says:

    good film

  4. Alison Dawson says:

    I liked Crooked Man, thought it wasn’t bad at all. Thought the main girl
    was a little weak in her acting skills however good plot and just long
    enough. Thank you for the download. A. xoxoz

  5. ImariBrionne says:

    not bad!

  6. ERROL LIGEON says:


  7. Alison Dawson says:

    Oh, and by the way, I had 9 sets of advertising in my movie too. Cannot
    find the icon to push for no ads either. Thanks A.

  8. Lloyd McKay says:

    Ok. Not for me.

  9. Mike Steeves says:

    ok for a tv movie

  10. IDA KANAYA says:

    great movie

  11. Khadijah Khadijah says:


  12. George Larson says:

    psycho movies. the gruge meets elm street style.

  13. Brittany smart says:

    I didn’t expect it to be that good of a movie. Lol a lot of jump scares

  14. Tec Wildstyle says:

    not another teen movie

  15. MUBU DOPE says:

    I watched a cartoon when the movie was over

  16. Mr. MSB says:

    i feel like i am crooked too

  17. Mia Bernad says:

    Awesom movie

  18. QUEEN TRINITY says:

    good movie

  19. brian williams says:


  20. das Landei says:

    Mischung zwischen Fredy Krueger und Nosferatu …

  21. Lindsay Ferguson says:

    ome to watch a bit like candy man of very Good

  22. blondwiththewind says:

    4:00 Oh puhleeze. WHY did the smart female babysitter need the pizza
    delivery guy to check the circuit breakers? And when HE found them thrown:
    did it not occur to him that perhaps the reason for that should have been

  23. Aireaus Holt says:

    6 mins later into the movie……
    I don’t think I should be watching this
    *watches cartoons *
    I’m 22 years old lmfao

  24. Jedi Guardian says:

    Good Movie- Watch it :)

  25. sandor139 says:

    Te filmy to Syfy ;P

  26. madhatters crafts says:

    enjoyed it but she was playing the box i kept screaming play it backwards
    and i was right

  27. Clara Mbuli says:

    I love the diverse cast of this movie

  28. Bret Milam says:

    what did the little girl who got her phone taken at the table. does her
    phone not have a flashlight? why didnt she use that?

  29. Alessandro Volta says:


  30. Ryan Caiazza says:

    The babysitter is a dumb fuck have fun at a sleep over but u can’t watch
    tv. Fucking annoying. And the little girl can’t read for shit. Horrible
    actors. It wasn’t that bad

  31. Jazhua Vanboven says:

    Is this like the new movie coming out bye bye man? I don’t have much time
    to watch this because I’m leaving for work. Any comments?

  32. Tyson Price says:

    at the beginning the garage was vandalized and by the time she went to bed
    the garage was clean, then the next morning dad was cleaning the garage
    because the paint returned.

  33. Avtar Salhan says:

    fuck movie

  34. Lono mcquaid says:

    good movie i saw it on syfy and i was hooked thanks for putting this movie
    on youtube.

  35. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    01:20:09 WHAT ARE THOSE!

  36. Latoya Bailey says:

    I luv this movie good one too

  37. Pineapple Tuesday says:

    This movie is so cringy.

  38. Twisted Kitty says:

    this is a really good movie…
    watch and you won’t be disappointed. thumbs up if you agree.

  39. Abra Kadabra says:

    omg what a boring crap

  40. Hana Hazeo says:

    Nice movie

  41. Jswinder Singh says:

    not scary
    but good

  42. change is gonna come says:

    literally the first scary movies in forever that has me scared to turn my
    lights out

  43. DASHZ GIRL says:

    Finally a brand new body on youtube thanks god 😳🤗🤗

  44. Raldo Boy says:

    Awesome muvi..

  45. Blimington Bear says:

    Omg I love him!

  46. Tyson Price says:

    how did that girl and guy get into the hospital when they are wanted by the
    police for murder?