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Storage: New Swedish Horror Film

“Great movie – the best I’ve seen so far of the short ones!” – Paul Maritz

Sweden’s history of horror movies has both been scarce and lacking in quality. But with the increasing interest in short films online this seems to be changing. Recently we saw David F Sandbergs short “Light´s out” explode over YouTube resulting in a feature length version of the film produced by world-famous horror director James Wan.

And now we have “Storage”. Filmed on a shoestring budget, it contains five minutes of intense suspense, unsettling environments, skillful acting and tour-de-force cinematography and sound design. It has been met with equal shares of praise and screams and has now been unleashed over the world.

“This is a film made under excruciating circumstances inside dark, narrow and dusty culverts underground”, says writers/directors Henry Chu and Stefan Sundberg. “But we loved every minute of it because our ambition with the making of the film was to recreate the feeling we had as teenagers running around and making films with our parents handycams; to have fun – pure and simple.”

The short film centers around a man and his daughter storing boxes in an underground cellar when suddenly encountered by a mysterious being. But what is this beings intentions? Soon their ordinary afternoon turns into a struggle of life and death inside the catacombs below.

Shot in Nacka, outside Stockholm, it features up-and-coming actor Anders Lindahl in the lead role. The film is written, filmed, edited and produced by Henry Chu and Stefan Sundberg which both has long careers and experience as creators in many different areas. Henry Chu has made a name for himself as a beloved host of several TV-shows but also as a producer and director of movies, TV and radio. Stefan Sundberg is a praised documentary maker but also as a producer and director of film and radio. “Storage” is their first collaboration together

“Truly terrifying! Storage is the real deal and packs a hefty punch in under six minutes of running time.”  – Chris Alexander

“A killer short to bring us into 2017. I hope we can expect to see more from this team”

 – iamcinema

“A fantastic short”

 – Short Horror Film Spotlight

“In five minutes this movie manages to truly scare you”

– MovieZine


Title: Storage
Length: 5 min 35 sec
Featuring: Anders Lindahl, Millie Chu, Robinson Chu
Written, Produced and Directed by Henry Chu and Stefan Sundberg
Director of Photography and Editing: Henry Chu
Sound Editor & Sound Design: Stefan Sundberg
Contact: storagefilm @

Phone +46 705 849734

THE PHOTOGRAPHER – short horror film

THE PHOTOGRAPHER is a short horror film starring Marine Mendiboure & Louis Ballèvre and directed by Kévin Mendiboure. Marina, 15 years old, is speaking on facebook with her best friend Olivia about a strange photographer seen the day before. Suddenly she receive a snapchat from unknown number showing a picture of her window taken from the outside…

Comments by Kévin Mendiboure: “Directing this new short horror film, i wanted to talk about danger of social media. Nowadays, everyone got a facebook and it’s very easy to got infos about the person with google.

In this story, (SPOIL) the killer is the photographer that perhaps the girl had met on a wedding or event. He took her facebook and snapchat, and come to kill her because she doesn’t want him as boyfriend.

This movie is 100% homemade : was shot with only one director and two actors. The lightening is 90% natural (except little light panel for cupboard sequences).
Camera used is 5D Mark III with Canon 2.8 24-70 (An optical that has a cinematic rendering).”

The Shoes: Short Horror Film and Comments of Director

THE SHOES is a short horror film project by Kévin Mendiboure, a 30 years old french director from Paris. A story about demonic shoes.

He comments: “I am a great fan of Stephen King since i’m young. With “THE SHOES” i wanted to do a short horror with new idea, never seen in all other short films. In movies, you see the monster in full body but in “THE SHOES” you can see only those 2 shoes, and you can imagine all what you want “is there someone invisible ? Are that shoes independant ?”.

I imagine that short like a part of a feature film; origin of the shoes, and the reason they want to kill. In my mind, that shoes belong to a man killed who wants to revenge.

For major part of action sequences, i used green screen to edit additional FX. For example, the -666 floor didn’t have elevator, i shot an elevator at the 3nd floor of the apartment and i edited in VFX.

For the elevator sequence, i used after fx for the numbers and CINEMA 4D for the modeling/texturing of the elevator. The goal is to find a producer to shoot the feature film version, to explain more about that shoes.”