10 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES 2017

10 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES 2017

10 UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES 2017 – We’re excited & scared to tell you our top 10 new horror movies that are coming out in 2017!

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45 Responses to 10 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES 2017

  1. MrN_O_504 says:

    what is dude talking about. Jason x was the last Friday the 13th movie. u
    can’t count Freddy vs Jason.

  2. Kari Min says:

    There’s a slenderman movie coming out on 2017

  3. Jay Fairchild says:

    Vorhees apparently has teleportation powers

  4. Joshua Onheiser says:

    will there be a Jeff the Killer movie coming out.

  5. Michael Dean says:


  6. Heinz Hampelmann (Groljak) says:

    That’s it. I’m sick of all this bullshit that’s going on in horror movies
    right now. Chainsaws deserve much better than this. Much, much better than

    I should know what I’m talking about. I myself bought a genuine chainsaw at
    the hardware store for $150 Australian (that’s about $250 American) and
    have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I even got paid well
    starring as a B-movie serial killer with my chainsaw.

    Automated factory machines spend days manufacturing a single chainsaw
    component and assembling millions of it together to produce the finest
    logging tool known to mankind.

    Chainsaws are thrice as choppy as machetes and thrice as fun for that
    matter too. Any helpless teenager a machete can chop in half, a chainsaw
    can saw in half better. I’m pretty sure a chainsaw could easily seal the
    fate of any helpless teenager with a simple slow stroll.

    Ever wonder why helpless teenagers never survive a horror movie? Because it
    would ruin the plot. But even if it didn’t, they would be too scared to
    fight Leatherface and his chainsaw of destruction. Even when the helpless
    teenagers had meat cleavers and a van, they’d run away screaming from
    Leatherface anyway because his chainsawing power was feared and respected.

    So what am I saying? Chainsaws are simply the best murder weapon that
    horror movies have ever seen

  7. Taylor Bright says:

    Why is Jason a child in the first one, but an adult in the rest? I am
    trying to catch these movies.

  8. Gangeth of 4 says:

    YAY it is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hasina Frierson says:


  10. Kevin Gray says:

    Whose the fucking idiot that keeps looking off camera -irritating

  11. Franky Ibarra says:

    you guys forgot chuckey

  12. kendvia jones says:


  13. ParagonPenguin says:

    the bye bye man reminds me of a certain SCP…

  14. d Valentine says:

    why do they insist in making more saw movies!!! it died in saw 4!

  15. Chris Ruiz says:

    Ugh you guys talk to much and your not really that entertaining… Thank
    you but the two of you guys made the video Suck Balls, next time just show
    us what’s coming and don’t talk…

  16. Donel Daley says:

    what about Darkness falls guys?

    maybe summth worth mentioning in the future.

  17. Dudley Harris says:

    what about keeper creepers 3

  18. Charles Adametz III says:

    Jeepers creepers 3?!

  19. Kirstie Rae Sheets says:

    Annabelle 2 doesn’t come out until August now

  20. Game Director says:

    They got the guy who directed Mama to direct It 2017, so mama was good and
    this remake might be great too

  21. gamingturtel man says:

    saw yes my favrite movie and saw 6 is the best yes the furance trap yes

  22. Denis America says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that serial killer movies, mutant animal
    movies,extraterrestrial movies DON’T belong in the "horror movie category?"

  23. The Asian Gamer Anonymous says:

    I’ve never watched a horror movie and I’m 8😂😂👏🏻👏🏻

  24. Gangeth of 4 says:

    this friday the date will be 13th FRIDAY the 13th

  25. diane kwandibens says:

    You forgot "split"

  26. Lucy Shipton says:

    Split is coming out in 2017

  27. Dylan says:

    Holy shit I can fucking breath omg holy shit I have been waiting for a new
    saw movie all my life holy Jesus fuck oml 2017 looking better already

  28. phoenix ashes says:

    There was a saw 6? I thought there was only 2. Goes to show how much i care
    about that stupid franchise.

  29. Logan Rose says:

    I heard rumors about a movie called " February 13th" and I was hoping to
    find out if that was a real movie or not.

  30. Will Mitchell says:

    Scream 5: A new Beginning coming 2017!

  31. ILHAN D5 65 says:

    you guys talk to much shut up fcuk up

  32. Chris Munoz says:

    Look you fargot slender man movie

  33. Heather Branch says:

    Jeepers creepers 3 it has a small trailer to it but coming soon 😞😞 I’m
    hoping it comes out this year

  34. Mannie Wray says:


  35. Toni Fowler says:

    the movie Split with James McAvoy looks really fucking good…and hella

  36. Lynetta Roberts says:

    yay can’t wait love horror movies 👍👍👍 imma see all of them

  37. Tavo Hinojosa says:

    jeepers creepers 3!!!!!

  38. gamingturtel man says:

    i love saw

  39. Colin Wilson says:

    Hate how the fat one always looks to his right . Very annoying.

  40. Connor “King Slayer Gamer” David says:


  41. K. Diaz says:

    they need to give these paranormal movies a long break, need something
    original please ???????

  42. AKAJEF says:

    No American movie re-makes or prequels are any good. Final!

  43. phoenix ashes says:

    Cojack where did you get that shirt?

  44. spanky rodriguez says:

    All these movies will suck