ІT Official Trailer (2017) Clown, Horror Movie HD

ІT Official Trailer (2017) Clown, Horror Movie HD

ІT Official Trailer (2017) Clown, Horror Movie HD
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50 Responses to ІT Official Trailer (2017) Clown, Horror Movie HD

  1. RedLabs says:

    0:37 why his hands aint interacting with the water good?

  2. Jay Richardson says:

    always gotta have the fat kid.

  3. sasha velazquez says:

    the first part was funny because he hit his head😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. CupquakeWolf1288 says:

    😂😂😂😂 My mom and I are going to watch this in 3D in theaters 😂 Her and I are SUPER terrified of clowns and we get night mares from them sooooo….. we’ll see how it goes 😱😵😨

  5. DeMonfa13 says:

    Yep. Okay. No, I’m out.

  6. yeshua savedme7 says:

    This is a very demonic movie along with the other remake movies that is trying to push their agenda of satan. Peace be with you all!

  7. Anna Davala says:

    What happened to the nice clowns ( not including the annoying one from McDonald’s) 😅

  8. In4It789cat says:

    I keep watching this preview. It just looks so fucking scary!

  9. Rylee S says:

    Tbh i seen the original movie but this seems scarier

  10. jamie harris says:

    Is this funny to anyone else because this shit is funny as hell.

  11. Diptesh Sarkar says:

    I didn’t feel scared. Am I normal?

  12. Seth rogan says:

    Love Tim curry it

  13. samuel white says:

    Why so serious

  14. Chainsaw Handiman says:

    1:49 I would LOVE it if someone put in the Oh Yeah from Ferris Bueller

  15. Brandon Stamba says:

    IDK man.. i watched the old one when I was 7 and was scared shitless of clowns for years.. this one doesn’t seem like it will have the same effect but they didn’t give away a whole lot I guess.

  16. Brother Games says:

    essa merda veio para me atormentar de novo

  17. Mohammed 123 says:

    i have to go to this movie this os my life

  18. emmanuel Bucio says:

    yes!!!! so pumped clowns are so lit man why is everyone afraid of them? xD I saw the original I just hope it lives up to leave a scare like Tim Curry.

  19. Smiley Face says:

    I’ll probably pee my pants in the theatre but it’s worth it.

  20. Chaneice Lightner says:


  21. Brooke {KAY} Sartorius says:

    Lmao i laughed when poor georgie whacked his head XD

  22. Christi Hernandez says:


  23. Kryptic Gamer says:

    Childhood will return, loved the first IT

  24. PuRe L00PY says:

    2:15 this guy is on a mad sesh

  25. Lana Stone824 says:

    Amazing Movie

  26. Michael Arrington says:

    This look crazy yo

  27. AllSinth says:

    2:14 that one person who never talks in a group chat but sees something that triggers him

  28. Jo Tind says:

    If you have ever seen allegiant the movie the guy who plays Matthew plays the clown!

  29. Spongebob Schwammkopf says:

    the Film is Called Es Not It

  30. GibbyGamer says:

    This is not a remake. In the first movie, after the drainage pipe scene, the older brother was an adult. This movie is based more on the book and the group of kids trying to fight the embodiment of evil. The clown takes the form of whatever its victim fears the most. Also there is a giant turtle in the book which I do not know if the will implement into the movie.

  31. Daniela Z. says:

    OMFG you have no idea how fast i clicked on this shit ive seen the old version of IT THE CLOWN and omg just EEEEEEEKKK

  32. Superman Batman says:

    I love the Bianca version of this

  33. Andrew Sanders says:


  34. Emeraldplayz Pro says:

    Just tell the clown the clown to fuck off u fucking pussy

  35. Rusty 18 says:

    Anyone else hiding in the comment section cos I am

  36. Tara Reinhardt says:

    That’s not my Pennywise.
    #💖❤💛💚💙 Tim Curry

  37. Gabrielle Houston says:


  38. JULIEN BERTHET says:

    the clown look nice compared to twisty of ahs

  39. Pauline Langi says:

    Is there a full movie for this and how can I watch it??? plz help😮💖

  40. Packet Mancer says:

    I’ve been re-reading the book in preparation for this. The scene with Georgie gave me chills. They definitely casted that role well.

  41. Tiffany Mendez says:

    That clown need some milk

  42. Oko Ruto says:

    The dude playing IT this year Will NEVER be the true IT everyone Misses and loves.

  43. Elena Garcia says:

    omg 😍😍 Cant wait for it !!!!

  44. winyu naing says:

    What type of creature is penny wise

  45. Jenni Mcduff says:

    Hey, this actually looks very good. As a Stephen King fan, I was worried it may have been B gradish or bad acting. Not too bad at all

  46. its Jessica says:

    clowns are cute and funny

  47. Kyle Provenzano says:

    I can’t wait!

  48. Jason Williams says:

    think I just shit me pants

  49. Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street says:

    What a hopeless waste of spunk… Clown looks like a faggot, a desperate HIV positive cross dresser….Why can NOBODY understand horror anymore… I guarantee this shitcake of a film has NOT ONE lasting moment of great horror…. Take a bow Hollywood, your latest update of a classic is just more, new age hip semen gargling desperation…….

  50. Sif Black says:

    I love Tim Curry’s version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.